Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fashion Map Part One: Up and Coming - Hotspot

Up and Coming - Brixton

Bar Seven - Brixton Village

Top Bars: Bar Seven, 
Top Food: Franca Manco (Pizza)
Top Location: Brixton Village

Brixton is one of those areas where people aren't always sure, however it is amazing what is has to offer. The Brixton Village is a trendy spot full of world cuisine restaurants in small awkwardly shaped units. It attracts both up and coming to famous musicians, the ones that enjoy the 'rough and ready' light exposed bars. Want to know the best thing? Its so up and coming that the prices are still ridiculously cheap compared to the likes of Shoreditch.  


Fashion Hotspot - Clapham

Esca Cafe - Clapham High Street.

Whistles store - Northcote Road

Clapham borders onto Brixton, but welcome the polar opposites. Clapham; home of the yuppies.  
Clapham is swarming with young professions, men in banking and property accompanied by yummy mummy's and a fashion professionals. Both The high street and clapham junction contains bar after pub after bar, with numerous well known retail shops and small boutiques. It consists of 3 Tube stations, 2 Overground stations and one main line; Clapham North station, Clapham south, Clapham High Street down to the Common, Main line station Clapham Junction and finishes with Northcote road. It resembles some what of a zone 2 city. Everything you could ever need without having to venture into central. 

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