Monday, 10 November 2014

International Store Location Research:

Whistles is a fast growing company that was founded in the 1980’s, since its brand refresh in 2008, it has grown immensely. Because of this, it was harder to find a suitable place to launch both a new store, and a store that supports my brand stretch of a Childrenswear department. 

Le Toquet:

 Image from google maps

Image from my summer lunch

Le Touquet is a small town in northern France. It’s population year round is 5,355 but attracts up to 250,000 people in its summer months. It is known as an extremely wealthy area and nick named ‘The playground of rich Parisians’. 
Since I was four years old, I have visited Le Touquet numerous amounts of time, for family weekend lunches, during the last 5 years the shops that Le Touquet offer has grown from only supporting independent boutiques and small restaurants to much larger international companies. I think now is a fantastic time to introduce Whistles. 

From my own personal experience it is a fantastic town to place a childrenswear store, Le Touquets sea front consists of numerous beach activities and a huge water park. This attracts families from all over France, and means our target consumer will be around the town.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Brand Marketing

Kidswear Marketing

Case One: Marks and Spencer

Marks and spencer is know greatly for its fun, loving advertising. Kidswear is huge around the 'back to school' campaign but also shares playful, kids orientated adverts year round on

This video, is a marketing advert using children to sell the clothes, as good quality to parents. Using phrasing such as 'and we are kids, so we are experts' creates a both a trusting advert and also reassures parents that the clothing is child suitable.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A visit from WGSN

After being lucky enough to have a guest speaker from WGSN, I got to understand the new websites layout, and how to utilise its great features. 

WGSN as a trend website; key points learned

Macro Trends - they are able to predict trends up to 5 years in advance. Trends such as Shape and materials but not always colour.
Trend forecasting is gathered through, adverting, films, music, arts, cars, architecture, art galleries, museums and people watching. They key to being a trend forecaster is being observant and thinking of key dates, events of the times. 

When looking into trends, you need to know your brand/ products target market, it is important to look into how the trend can apply to your consumers, and when to bring a trend in. 

Fashion is worked 18 months ahead of season, and a trend researching website will have 4 key themes. A brand may use 3 out of the 4, and introduce the themes through different season drops. 

From this I have looked into the key themes for SS15 Childrenswear. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Creative ideas - Whistles

Following my research into couple brands. Whistles has recently stretched it's brand to menswear. Since the Whistles 2008 brand revamp, Whistles has boosted in the market becoming a highly desired premier brand. 
Through my extensive research, I am working on the idea of creating a further brand stretch into Childrens-wear. As some of its key stores i.e Northcote road's customer being the 'yummy mummy'. I think choosing the key stores, childrens-wear will be a huge benefit to the company.