Monday, 10 November 2014

International Store Location Research:

Whistles is a fast growing company that was founded in the 1980’s, since its brand refresh in 2008, it has grown immensely. Because of this, it was harder to find a suitable place to launch both a new store, and a store that supports my brand stretch of a Childrenswear department. 

Le Toquet:

 Image from google maps

Image from my summer lunch

Le Touquet is a small town in northern France. It’s population year round is 5,355 but attracts up to 250,000 people in its summer months. It is known as an extremely wealthy area and nick named ‘The playground of rich Parisians’. 
Since I was four years old, I have visited Le Touquet numerous amounts of time, for family weekend lunches, during the last 5 years the shops that Le Touquet offer has grown from only supporting independent boutiques and small restaurants to much larger international companies. I think now is a fantastic time to introduce Whistles. 

From my own personal experience it is a fantastic town to place a childrenswear store, Le Touquets sea front consists of numerous beach activities and a huge water park. This attracts families from all over France, and means our target consumer will be around the town.

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