Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Introductions and Aspirations

As a second year fashion design and marketing student, each term comes closer to an end result - employment.  Taking the influence of the famous saying 'It's  not what you know, It's who you know' the companies I am aiming for are heavily influenced. 

1)Whistles; I have worked for whistles for over a year. Moving from a concession in the department store House of Fraser to a flagship stand alone on The Northcote Road. I have experienced two avenues of what whistles displays.  Yes as a company they offer a generous discount on products and as a fast growing company they are often featured in magazines as 'The New Cool Brand'. Not only that they offer fantastic support to their shop floor staff. This is the kind of working environment I want to start my career in. A team full of like minded, fashion forward people.

2)Estee Lauder; Not only is this company world wide known, they dominate most of the beauty market. This is enough to incise anyone to want to work for a company. As a member of my family works in the marketing department I get to hear first hand how wonderfully they treat there staff. They are know as a 'Life Brand', the kind of company once you join, you work there for life. 

3)ASOS; As an online only based company they have defined the future of retail. Fantastic customer benefits of 'Premiere' and free returns keeps customers coming back and back. Not only is ASOS own brand completely up to date with current trends, they also sell several brands. ASOS are known for being an incredibly hard company to work for, but as my interest lays with online/ digital marketing they are a perfect company to suit my career path

Once my career is on track and I have some kind of income, it makes you think next... Where would I like to live?

This option comes so easily to me. I am a Londoner born and raised and couldn't bare to be away from my beloved city for more than a year or so, It's something I know, I will always live within the M25. However this doesn't mean I am not open to trial living for 3-6 months around the world. This brings me to the obvious option; Paris. Each time I visit this city I fall in love with the architecture and the relaxed style of living. Growing up I have spent hundreds of weekends in various parts of France and the food will always be my favourite. Fresh sea-food and wine. Paris has to be my obvious answer as a Fashion Capital.

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